A Studio for Wonder and Discovery

We know children are driven by curiosity and the need to explore and experiment with everythingaround them. That's why our programs are designed as small group settings with the added fun of sampling various activities. Beyond the usual art supplies, kids get to work with wood, concrete, recycled materials and an endless supply of inspiration. From cooking to consturction, our programs provide an outlet for creative kids who enjoy experimenting with art, science and multi-media. At look What I Can do, wee see your child as you do - an eager individual with unique talents and skills!

Our Programs, Classes and Parties

Guided and inspired by founder Tricia Schaeffer, rewarding experiences and hands-on education are the hallmark of everything she envisions for each child. Our Enrichment Programs, Art Classes, Science Programs, Open Art Studios, Playgroups, Summer Camp and Birthday Parties, offer children and famailies a place to explore and the opportunity to embrace each child's interests.This is the cornerstone of our mission.

Our Space is Your Space

Along with our awesome classes and programs, our studio is perfect for playgroups, Girl/Boy Scouts, religious groups as well as help with creative homework assignments, science fairs and more. Our schedulethis fills fast. Call to book today!

Off-site Programs

Thats' right, we'll come to you! We can help make your child's private birthday party or special event a truly unique day. Just give us a call and we'll plan something amazing!

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