Spring Programs 2017

10:30-11:15 PlayGroup Semester (Ages 2-3) $100/month
11:45-1:30 Open Studio/Art & Science (Ages 3-5) $150/month
3:30-5:00 Art Creations (ages 4-6) $140/month
9:00-11:00 PreK & Kindergarten Enrichment (ages 4-6) $160/month Lunch Bunch 11:00-11:30 $30/month
11:30-1:00 Art & Science (ages 3-4) $140/month
1:30-3:00 Open Studio Art & Science (ages 4-6) $140/month
3:45-5:00 Sewing for Beginners (ages 6-9) $140/month
5:00-6:15 Advanced Sewing (ages 8-11)
9:00-11:00 PreK & Kindergarten Enrichment (ages 4-6) $160/month Lunch Bunch 11:00-11:30
11:30-1:00 Art & Science (ages 3-5) $140/month
3:30-5:00 Art Creations (ages 6-9) $140/month
9:30-11:00 Art & Science Exploration (ages 3-5) $140/month
11:30-1:00 Art & Science (ages 3-4) $140/month
2:15-3:15 Science-Mania (ages 4-6) $100/month
3:30-5:00 Creative Concoctions (ages 7-10) $140/month

New Classes coming soon!

Class Descriptions

Open Studio/Art & Science

This class is designed to introduce children to the process of Art & Science with the added excitement of sampling various activities. Once children are introduced to various forms of the process, they can then explore their own ideas and find their own discoveries.


Our monthly themes rotate with hands-on fun to explore, educate and entertain every child. Themes include: Kitchen Chemistry, Electricity & Energy, Going Green, Color Science, Magnetism & Minerals, Force & Motion, Pop It and other science surprises. Experimenting not only allows kids to express themselves creatively, it promotes individuality, bolsters self confidence and improves overall academic performance.

Creative Concoctions

Sewing & Sculpture, Duct Tape Creations, Fashion Design, Printmaking & Paper Making, Woodworking and More... This class allows each child to let their creative ideas guide the way.

Pre-K Enrichment

Our curriculum reinforces basic reading, writing, math and science skills through theme based education stations. From building, construction, sewing, experimenting and storytelling, our rotating stations offer endless inspiration and learning in a hands-on meaningful way.