Her endless wealth of ideas and playful attitude are why so many children love Miss Tricia!

Tricia also served seven years as Assistant Director for Pre-K and First Grades and eight years as Executive Director of the Children's Cultural Center of Red Bank. She designed the studio spaces of the Center and was instrumental in the creation of the visual and performing arts curriculum, which included among other specialties, film, pottery, mixed media arts programs.

"Kids come up with amazing ideas when given the chance to explore," states Look What I Can Do founder, Tricia Schaeffer. She has spent 20 years watching, learning and working with the best teachers around children! And establishing a creative, hands-on learning experience for each child are the hallmarks of her Look What I Can Do vision. Tricia earned her B.A. in Early Childhood Development from Ohio State University and M.A. in Elementary Education from Monmouth University. Whether on a local level or global, she is devoted to enlightening and inspiring children through their creative endeavors. Working with national parks, Tricia helped develop environmental conservation programs for children in the United States and New Zealand; she implemented innovative, arts-based education for hearing- and vision-impaired children in Australia; she joined the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Teach Abroad Program and participated in faculty development programs in Fiji; and as a UNICEF volunteer, Tricia travelled to Lima, Peru. Collaborating with local teachers, Tricia integrated math, reading and writing skills with the Peruvian culture and customs of the children. "There's an exchange of ideas and you get so much more back," Tricia said of her international experiences.

Look What I Can Do

was established In April 2008