"My kids love the after school program. My son actually commented that he wishes the classes were longer because he has fun and likes to learn about science stuff. My daughter could stay there for hours drawing, painting, sewing... everything is there to release her inner Picasso." ~MD

"Fabulous... My sons can't wait to get out of the car and run into class. If you are looking for an art program that provides your child with care and respect regarding their interests, that allows them to free their senses, that introduces them to a vast array of art projects and science experiments than this is the place for them! It really is a place where my boys have been able to dream, play and imagine... I am so thankful for Ms Tricia as she has been such an amazing influence in my boys' lives." ~Dorothy Whitehouse

"Classes at Look What I Can Do has been a great experience for my kids. It is a perfect mix of learning and fun. The kids are always excited to go, and they love Ms Tricia! Having birthdays at Look What I Can Do are wonderful for both the parents and kids. They take care of everything from the decorations and fun activities to crafts kids can bring home with them. All you have to do is bring the cupcakes!" ~Kelly Nitka

"All of my kids love Look What I Can Do! It lets them explore their scientific and artistic curiosities. My boys love making volcano explosions while my daughter likes to create painting masterpieces to decorate her room! I love it because they can be free to make a mess and enjoy themselves and I don't have to clean it up!" ~Susan Olson

"Our son has had a very exciting year! He looked forward to each and every school day. Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication." ~Deanna P.